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Bankruptcy Law Professionals is dedicated to providing bankruptcy and debt relief services to individuals and businesses. Bankruptcy Law Professionals has unmatched experience practicing law in the area of bankruptcy and debt relief.

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Life After Bankruptcy: Managing New Credit / Debt

Upon completion of your bankruptcy you will have the “Fresh Start” you deserve.  There will be no more harassing creditor/debt collector calls demanding payment from you. You can start rebuilding your credit and your credit will no longer be adversely impacted by the debt you eliminated through your bankruptcy.  It is not uncommon for to get offers for loans and credit cards soon after your bankruptcy.  Keep in mind that bankruptcy is an solution to fix past financial issues and get you in a path to improve your life for the future. After a bankruptcy, your debt is discharched and you have an opportunity to use your past experience and keep out of any detrimental financial situations. Whether it was unemployment, credit card debt, auto loan debt, medical debt, or real estate debt that were major sources of financial hardship, you now have an opportunity to manage your future with a new debt-to-income ratio which you would not have had without the bankruptcy. Although a bankruptcy may appear on your credit report for 10 years, it does not mean that bankruptcy will continue to adversely affect your credit. If you manage your new post-bankruptcy financial situation properly, you may have much MORE opportunity opened to you in forms of credit card offers or other types of bank loan offers than you would have had with looming outstanding debt and rising borrowing rates. Bankruptcy may be the right path to allow you to actually IMPROVE your credit scores if managed properly with proper guidance.

Bankruptcy Law Professionals can help you with Post-Bankruptcy Services listed below:
1. Credit Repair Services
2. Real Estate Short Sale Negotiation Services
3. Lender Litigation Services
4. Estate Planning Services

Bankruptcy Law Professionals can help you with your financial problems and get you the “Fresh Start” so you can have your life going in the right direction.


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