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Required Credit Counseling for Bankruptcy Is Easy

One of the major changes that spurred a large influx of bankruptcy filings was the changes made to require each bankruptcy filer to complete a credit counseling session with the a certified/licensed bankruptcy credit counseling organization. There are many potential filers who are very concerned about the bankruptcy credit counseling....
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Anuncio: $695 Bancarrota Capítulo 7 Servicio

Bankruptcy Law Professionals ahora esta ofreciendo servicios de Bancarrota Capítulo 7 por una tarifa de $695 costo de abogado. Nuestro servicio de Bancarrota Capítulo 7 por $695 incluye representacion con abogado hasta la descarga y el cierre del caso. Bankruptcy Law Professionals puede ser contactado al (888) 872-3507 para programar...
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What CANNOT Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

There are debts that are not able to be discharged in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Bankruptcy code has information that allows certain debts to be discharged and some cannot be discharged at all. It may surprise you to find out how few debts cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy.  Surprisingly, some...
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