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Bankruptcy: The Earlier, The Better

If you are in a difficult financial situation, don’t fool yourself into thinking that your situation will be changing if there is no evidence of future cash flow coming in soon to resolve your situation. If you are unemployed and do not have any prospects in the future, you need...
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Is Your Income Too High For Bankruptcy?

Today, the economy seems to have recovered from the past recession. In your personal situation, you may be back to your normal income and employment may have already stabilized, but if you still have left-over debt that needs to be resolved as a result of an income interruption, bankruptcy can...
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Will Bankruptcy Impact Your Spouse?

If your debts only belong to you and do not involve your spouse in any way, it is possible to file a bankruptcy only for yourself without including your spouse. The option to file independently from your spouse will allow your family to preserve your spouse’s credit record separately by...
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Paralegal Doc Prep vs. Attorney Bankruptcy

When shopping for a bankruptcy service, you may come across paralegal services who advertise $200 document preparation services. You need to know what the difference between an attorney represented service and a paralegal document preparation service is. First of all, document preparation services do not need to be done by...
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